The Prima Party Scrapbook (1 star)

This article is from 2013

The Prima Party Scrapbook

A messy performance lacking coherent narrative

Matthew Squance attempts to reconstruct a drug-fuelled London party in this chaotic, uncomfortable one-man show. On entering the venue, the audience are all handed a pair of glowsticks – and this, unfortunately, is the most exciting thing to happen in the show. By the time the audience is encouraged to use them to cheer on a red-wigged, half-nude Squance, we're already feeling lost.

The Prima Party Scrapbook is apparently an attempt to piece together a hedonistic, post-breakup party by exploring the pages of a scrapbook. The scrapbook could have been a neat way to bring the show together, but it only appears once and is barely mentioned again. Instead, Squance veers between the boring and the bizarre: dancing to 'What a Feeling' in a glittery wig, reading out messages from his birthday cards, popping balloons into the microphone (much of this performed in his underwear).

There are occasional grasps at meaning that could have been interesting, but it never quite comes together. The whole thing feels like an unconnected series of in-jokes – but unfortunately, the audience aren't in on it.

Sweet Grassmarket, 243 3596, until 18 Aug, 7.40pm, £8 (£6)

Prima Party Scrapbook

  • 1 star

Matthew Squance's show chronicles a night of intoxicated excess. Ages 16+.