Making News (3 stars)

This article is from 2013

Making News

Photo: Idil Sukan

Phil Jupitus, Sara Pascoe and Dan Starkey in decent take on BBC news

To say it’s been a bad year for the BBC is like noting that Edinburgh gets 'a bit busy' over the festival. So the inspiration for Making News couldn’t be clearer. That it was penned by the scribes behind Coalition, last year’s smart take on the government, sets expectations higher still for a satire full of steam and savvy.

For the most part, after a slow start, Making News delivers. Suki Webster plays follower-of–the-rules and newly appointed Acting Head of News, who discovers that the BBC’s Director General has been funding a bonkers cult from the public purse. Cue a string of jibes about being packed off to the ‘salt mines of Salford’, the Beeb’s ever-changing homepage, Radio 4 ‘going rogue’ and ‘him that won’t be spoken of’ (an unnamed Savile), while touching on what becomes of a news organisation ultimately forced to report on its own failings.

Webster comes into her own as she flails between taking on the establishment or toeing the company line, while some decent support from Sara Pascoe, Dan Starkey, Hal Cruttenden and Phil Jupitus, as Director General, helps elevate a script that, while funny, doesn’t always quite hit the heady stride the subject matter promises.

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Making News

  • 3 stars

The Spontaneity Shop / The Pleasance. It's the start of a 24-hour news cycle and Rachel Clarke has been promoted as the BBC's newest Head of News. When a crisis erupts, she has to confront rivals within and without, and decide how to report on a story that could bring down the Corporation itself. Fast-moving satire about…