Peter Hook brings Unknown Pleasures to 2013 Edinburgh Book Festival

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Peter Hook brings Unknown Pleasures to 2013 Edinburgh Book Festival

The Joy Division and New Order bassist talks heritage in Edinburgh event

Hooky has, of late, reinvented himself as the Stephen Fry of British post-punk. From behind his low-slung bass guitar, he has seen it all, buried the bodies and collected endless warrior tales about the hairier moments, from the industrial grimness and existential malaise of Joy Division and Factory Records, through the acid upsurge and global renown of New Order, to a third act as DJ, indie statesman and scandalising raconteur of no mean ability. In the typical Hook anecdote Bowie and Iggy Pop might run into Johnny Rotten on the set of Coronation Street.

Dysfunction, treachery and madness abound in his accounts of nearly four decades at the pointy end of popular music, each one being a condition the plain-spoken Hook rarely shies from describing in lurid detail. Now estranged from his former New Order bandmates and entrenched firmly in the heritage racket, Hook, more than ever, is a loose cannon, blowing a hole in the carefully-maintained facade of British pop with a certain Saxon brutality. In discussion with fan and contemporary Ian Rankin, this should be a masterclass in power, corruption and lies, Hooky-style.

Peter Hook appears as part of Edinburgh International Book Festival, to discuss his book, Unknown Pleasures: Inside Joy Division, 10 Aug, 8.30pm.

Peter Hook

Presented by The List. Godfathers of the alternative scene, Joy Division reinvented rock in the post-punk era, creating a dark, hypnotic and intense sound that would influence many others who arrived in their wake. With Unknown Pleasures, the band’s iconic bass player Peter Hook covers the friendships and fall-outs, the…