War of the Worms (2 stars)

This article is from 2013

War of the Worms

Richard Digance and duaghter in sing-a-long storytelling that falls foul of fact

Father and daughter team Richard and Rosie Digance narrate and sing their way through a tale of the humble worm and its role in nature – with an emphasis on the smelly.

With Richard on guitar duty, and Rosie reading the story, they make for amiable hosts and give the show a lo-fi Jackanory quality. The bare staging sets them at a disadvantage, however, when it comes to clarity of storytelling.

The non-linear timeline and mixture of fiction and scientific fact becomes confusing at times and the introduction of illustration or animation could enhance the flow of the story. Also, for a show putatively about evolution, one side-step into the church hymnal strikes an odd note.

Such concerns are unlikely to trouble the intended audience of 6–11 year olds. Richard has a long musical history and plumbs this for the catchiest, most interactive tunes. This, and the copious references to all substances icky, sticky and smelly, provide moments of fun and War of the Worms is best taken as a piece of storytelling rather than a learning experience.

New Town Theatre, 220 0143, until 25 Aug (not 9, 10, 20), 10.30am, £8 (£7).

War of the Worms

  • 2 stars

Richard Digance. The best-selling children's author and singer Richard Digance takes to the stage…'this is a story that needs lots of noises from everyone. It's a grimy, slimy, mucky, yucky story so we need mucky, yucky noise, lots of ooo's while you all hold your noses'. The Slime Age took place on earth many years…