The Colour Ham (3 stars)

This article is from 2013

The Colour Ham

Scottish sketch trio dazzle audiences with magic tricks, Irish dancing and high-powered kicks

This energetic, elastic faced Scottish sketch trio treat us to a series of magic tricks and some Irish dancing complete with hilarious high-powered high kicks that Michael Flatley would be proud of. They have even found time to invent a whole new dance genre which can only be described as tap dance miming, something you would be hard pressed not to laugh out loud at.

Colour Ham’s resident mentalist, Colin McLeod continuously wows the crowd (rhyme unintended) with his spot on mind reading skills to the point where you actually find yourself yearning to be the audience member he picks on. However, fellow ham group members, Gavin Oattes and Kevin McMahon regularly gate-crash Colin’s Derren Brown esque attempts much to everyone’s delight and complete silliness ensues.

One particular highlight that involves some Gaelic speaking impersonations - which sound strangely Swedish then quickly descend into Team America style muttering - may potentially alienate any non-Scottish spectators. Still relatively new on the scene, I sense they might still be refining their act as certain sketches don’t quite impress as much as others.

Just the Tonic at The Caves, 556 5375, until 24 Aug (not 12–15, 19–22), 7.45pm, £8–£11 (£7–£10).

The Colour Ham

  • 3 stars

Magical comedy sketch group comprising Colin McLeod, Gavin Oattes and Kevin McMahon, making good use of absurdity, magic and mentalism. Member Gavin Oattes allegedly once licked Paul Daniels' face, so anything could happen, really.

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