Ben Verth: What Is This Place? (3 stars)

This article is from 2013

Ben Verth: What Is This Place?

Turning abuse into comic monologues, delivered with poise from local boy

Ben Verth sounds like a character from a Star Wars film, but he is, in fact, a likeable, self-confessed hairy fat bloke from Edinburgh (who does a striking impersonation of a wookie that really needs to be seen to be believed and is probably worth three quid on its own).

Tangential George Lucas connection aside, Verth’s show is loosely themed around preconceived notions about and perceptions of people. Being a ‘hairy fat bloke’, Verth has found himself on the receiving end of a good many examples of this. Such judgemental attitudes have resulted in him being heckled in the street and, in one extremely unpleasant but ultimately inspiring incident, being accosted at knife-point.

What’s quite charming – and clever – about Verth is the way in which he takes the abuse in his stride and turns it on its head and into a series of comic monologues delivered in lively if easy-going manner. There’s a nice extended riff, for one example, about all the things he has been compared to by passers-by in the street. And yes, it does include Han Solo’s furry co-pilot.

Beehive Inn, 225 7171, until 25 Aug (not 15), 4pm, £5.

Ben Verth: What Is This Place?

  • 3 stars

Ben Verth / Scottish Comedy Festival. 'A terrific and impassioned storyteller with well-written gags' (Skinny). Join the resident host of Edinburgh's The Beehive Comedy Club and The Stand's critically acclaimed monthly Comedy Collective show as he struggles to believe the ridiculous and exhilarating life he's found…