Adam Hess and David Elms (2 stars)

This article is from 2013

Adam Hess and David Elms

credit: Hayley Benoit

Shared bill of two contrasting comedic performances at tough venue

Sharing the bill but performing individually, Adam Hess and David Elms fight valiantly against an apathetic audience and the competing hubub of the venue's bar to deliver two contrasting comedy styles.

Elms, softly-spoken and understated, peddles a nice line in subversive love songs. Some neat wordplay and unexpected twists work in his favour but the overall direction is less left field than slightly off-centre. He achieves the most success when he briefly plays with his stage persona, an idea that definitely has potential, but there just aren't enough big-hitting punchlines to keep the laughter going for 25 minutes. Hess scores a higher hit rate with a more energetic performance. Taking aim at his ex-girlfriend (the break-up wasn't mutual), he darts down tangents in a rambling series of semi-autobiographical anecdotes.

Both comics deserve better than an inattentive crowd struggling to hear them over breaking glass. Their material does need work but their refusal to let adverse circumstances hamper their performances is admirable. After running the gauntlet of a month in a hostile venue, they will hopefully emerge battle-ready.

Heroes @ The Hive, 226 0000, until 25 Aug, 6pm, £5 in advance or pay what you want

Adam Hess and David Elms

  • 2 stars

Pay What You Want. An hour of stand-up split between two uniquely talented newcomers. Adam Hess (Chortle Best Newcomer nominee 2013, Chortle Student Champion 2011) provides the energetic one-liners and stories that he has become known for on the circuit. Musical comedian David Elms (Chortle finalist 2012) balances out the…