John Robins: Where is my Mind? (4 stars)

This article is from 2013

John Robins

credit: Idil Sukan

Wonderful portrait of ageing and anxiety

Do you remember the happiest day of your life? John Robins does. The problem is that it came 12 years ago and as that occasion drifts further into history, the more idealised the memory becomes and more irritating the trials and tribulations of life as a 30-year-old get. Where is My Mind? is a glorious look at the emotional anxiety of adolescence, the physical awkwardness of ageing and the dangers of getting stuck in the past.

Robins is an extremely confident performer and moves from self-awareness and self-deprecation to Partridge-esque levels of incredulity and indignation as he moves from tales of teenage club nights to discovering he has gout. Even when jokes don’t quite work he is quick enough to realise this and run with it (a gag about arthritis became funny because he had to explain it).

This is an honest, poignant and very funny hour, whose only problem is structure. He doesn’t always get the flow right but this is a minor criticism in an otherwise excellent outing from a comedian we should be seeing a lot more of.

Pleasance Courtyard, 556 6550, until 25 Aug, 9.30pm, £8.50–£11.50 (£7–£10).

John Robins: Where Is My Mind?

  • 4 stars

Robins talks on about living in the moment in his new show.