I Hate Children Children's Show (4 stars)

This article is from 2013

I Hate Children Children's Show

Paul Nathan gives a nasty but nice magic show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Don’t let the title fool you. Magician Paul Nathan may pull mean faces, grab kids by the collar, withhold sweets and generally ridicule his young audience, but if Nathan really hated children, this show would be only a fraction as good as it is.

Magic is the main focus of this entertaining hour, and Nathan has a remarkable sleight of hand, but it’s the man himself who makes this show unique. His between-trick banter has us all, grown-ups very much included, laughing out loud. While his quest to ensure every child who wants to come on stage and help gets a chance to do so, is an indication of just how much Nathan cares about his audience.

The tricks are fairly old school – disappearing scarves, card tricks, cut ribbons that miraculously re-bond, mind-reading – but all done with an impressive ease that leaves you baffled.

Having guitarist John Anaya on stage, providing riffs from ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ and the like, is further testament to Nathan’s desire to deviate from the norm. Prepare to have your child hated in the best possible way.

Pleasance Courtyard, 556 6550, until 26 Aug, 11.50am, £8–£10 (£7–£9).

The I Hate Children Children's Show

  • 4 stars

Cruel Comedy for Cool Kids! Your children star alongside world renowned entertainer Paul Dabek in this award-winning magic show for gruesome kids and tipsy parents. Children are the natural-born enemy of the magician and nowhere is this more evident than during the 60 minute magical marathon that is The I Hate Children…