L’Apres-midi d’un Foehn (4 stars)

This article is from 2013

L’Apres-midi d’un Foehn

credit: Jean luc Beaujault

Company Non Nova turn plastic to fantastic as tiny dancers bag some air time

If you loved the floating bag in American Beauty, then you’re in for a real treat.

As we troop into Summerhall’s Old Lab, an austere-looking gent in a winter coat is methodically taping together pieces of plastic. The circular area he works in is surrounded by electric fans, and as he switches them on, his creation becomes a scene-stealing ‘dancer’ accompanied by the gentle strains of the show’s titular piece by Debussy.

This soloist is joined by other already-completed carrier bags and a colourful spectacle fills the room. Company Non Nova’s show is a jaw-dropping, gravity-defying joy for little ones. The grown-ups can also wonder at the science of it all while pondering the narrative’s power relations. With the tiny dancers emerging from humble beginnings to become an avian menace, their creator and controller throws himself into a destructive rage.

Over the course of less than 30 minutes, you’ll discover a spectacle of beauty that will stay with you for years to come.

Summerhall, 0845 874 3001, until 25 Aug (not 11 & 12, 17 & 18, 22), 2pm, 5pm, £10 (£5).

l'Apres-midi d'un Foehn – Version 1

  • 4 stars

This is the moment that the real life of the plastic bag begins its own life without us. An ethereal and magical performance art piece, accompanied by classic Debussy music. A ballet mistress has created a piece of choreography performed by plastic dancers, propelled by currents of air on the lyrical music. The piece…