Tangram (3 stars)

This article is from 2013


credit: Andrea Macchia

Juggling and dance create harmony together

This choreographic take on a developing relationship eloquently combines dance and juggling; however like many examples of its subject matter, it takes a while to get going.

Using Cristiana Casadio's expressive ballet style, and Stefan Sing's juggling skills, the duo (also a couple) craft a slowly evolving picture of two individuals coming into harmony. At first boundaries are drawn, white juggling balls marking a divide down the centre of the stage. Later, when they venture into each other’s realms, it's interesting to see Casadio's freedom and enthusiasm while Sing sits awkwardly in the corner assembling his juggling balls.

Though some of Tangram feels as if it could be edited down, there are lots of intelligent and sensitive ideas that bloom to life as the show progresses. Playful passages where they swoop and chase around each other, or where Sing discovers that human limbs are not as easy to juggle as rubber balls, show the most panache. But the complex intimacy that comes later, while not as exciting, is perhaps a more lyrical and sincere expression of the piece's heart.

stefan sing & cristiana casadio - "tangram - long version"


  • 3 stars

Stefan Sing & Cristiana Casadio. She gives him the cold shoulder. He pushes her away. Both would rather passionately embrace. Love is heaven and hell at once. Complex, sexy, and irreverently imaginative, Tangram redraws the boundaries of dance, new circus, and physical theatre. Created and performed by renowned…