Dirty Water (3 stars)

This article is from 2013.

Dirty Water

Filthy Glasgow-set comedy

In this lewd, crude and very broad comedy set in an unnamed Glasgow housing scheme, four lads fiddle about day in and day out in their scummy, low-paid job working for an independent cleaning company. The company is called Eager Beaver Cleaners, which name prompts several jokes about female pubic hair that serve as a pretty accurate benchmark for the show’s level of humour. Elsewhere, there’s a whole pile more misogyny, a hefty splat of homophobia and a good dollop of toilet humour.

It might not be big and it’s certainly not clever, but the largish cast make a good job of bringing their characters - and caricatures - to life, and they make the most of playwright John Stuart’s string of self-consciously dirty monologues and bad taste jokes.

It’s hard not to compare the show with Trainspotting, but although it feels like a throwback to the early work of Irvine Welsh, with its comic depiction of working class drudgery it’s actually closer to Tony Roper’s laundry-set play The Steamie. Dirty Water isn’t as memorable as either, but there’s no denying this is a crowd-pleaser.

theSpace@Surgeon’s Hall, 510 2384, until 24 Aug (not 4, 11–12, 18), 2pm, £8 (£6).

Dirty Water

  • 3 stars

Comedy set in the world of Eager Beaver Cleaners who service the housing schemes of Glasgow.


1. Peter Callaghan8 Aug 2013, 12:14am Report

Dirty Water…

Over-acted and under-rehearsed comedy about Weegie stereotypes. Some good one-liners, but more miss than hit. Think amateur, think students, think why?

2 (almost1)/5.

2. Mark masson9 Aug 2013, 9:51am Report

I was lucky enough to see " Dirty Water" last night, and from start to finish I found it to be slick, funny, and although bawdy, very well written.
This is a show performed by a cast who know their craft, and would thoroughly recommend it to anyone. And it's nice to see new talent in the writing field, something we should all encourage

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