Men (3 stars)

This article is from 2013

MEN by Tap Tap Theatre

Tap Tap Theatre deliver thought-provoking analysis of abuse from many different angles

The complexities of the human condition and the real cost of abuse and manipulation are near perfectly realised in Miriam Battye’s Men, the latest piece from Bristol’s Tap Tap Theatre. Directed by Theo Scholefield, this piece brings a realistic portrayal of emotional abuse, manipulation and gas lighting to a horrified audience.
Following young and reclusive Frank (Harrison Clark) as he struggles to write his first novel, Men presents the story of a man regularly emotionally abused by his partner Syrus (Tom Rawlinson). However, literal and figurative salvation comes in the form of Frank’s sister Bianca (Claudia Jolly) and proof-reader Suze (Letty Thomas), but does Frank have the strength and self-belief to leave?
An unflinching look at abuse and human nature, Battye’s script presents a number of interesting points about self-help and self-sabotage. Under Scholefield’s direction, the young and talented cast excels in their roles as abused, abuser and powerless bystanders. Hard-hitting and tense, Men is not about gender, but humanity, and our failures to act and help ourselves: strong piece from a promising young company.

Underbelly, Bristo Square, 0844 545 8252, until 26 Aug (not 14th), 12:05pm, £9 –£10 (£8–£9)


  • 3 stars

Tap Tap Theatre. Frank and Syrus have been stuck for three years. When Suze and Bianca explode into their lives, Frank is offered a lifeline. But can he find his way out? An unforgettable look at a life behind closed doors, Tap Tap Theatre presents a tender and enthralling dark comedy about the unthinkable things we do…