Sandpits Avenue (3 stars)

This article is from 2013

Sandpits Avenue

A provocative play about the impact of war

Boneyard Theatre's debut production examines the impact of war on a soldier returning home through folk songs, beat-boxing and jagged choreography. A vivacious, youthful quintet shift the perspectives, from a couple trying to rekindle a dormant sex life to the bravado and casual racism of young soldiers told in flashback.

There are no easy conclusions, and thankfully the dramatic, overly reductive cliché of ‘no winners in war’ is eschewed for a more thoughtful dissection of the insidious nature of violence creeping into everyday thoughts and actions. The plaintive folk songs, simply performed with an acoustic guitar, act as part of the narrative and create a feeling of intimacy, like whispered confessions from a loved one.

Wounded soldier Will is the focal point, but the ensemble work best as one amorphous mass – whether depicting a hedonistic rave scene that descends into a farcical nightmare, or curling around each other for protection. A provocative new vision, and definitely a company to look out for.

Zoo Southside, 662 6892, until 26 Aug (not 20), £8(£7).

Sandpits Avenue

  • 3 stars

The truth's cruel. Head-turns fuel my paranoia. One rule, shut my lips. Gwilliam returns from Afghanistan, but home is just as treacherous. What happens to scarred men when they attempt to bury a secret even their friends can't understand? Can you go back to the Sandpit when you've left a man behind? Beat poetry, slick…