Diego y Ulises (3 stars)

This article is from 2013

Diego y Ulises

Dance show of masculinity in confined quarters

Regular Fringe-goers will be used to sitting in shows where the performers out-number the audience. But this new venue reduces it right down to just you, on your own, in a booth. Curtains drawn, headphones in place – and then the light comes on.

Inside the three metre-squared peep show space, two men appear. Casually dressed, they chat amiably, occasionally bursting into moments of synchronised action. So far, so pleasant – especially when Arvo Part’s emotive Spiegel im Spiegel starts filtering through the headphones.

Then the mood turns sour, testosterone and adrenalin levels start to rise and an aggressive wrestling match replaces the hip hop/capoeira/contemporary moves that went before.

Argentinean duo, Diego Y Ulises have much to offer as dancers, and this self-titled piece is an interesting experiment in intimacy and male relationships. It’s a very private affair, however, especially at the start when they talk inaudibly to each other, effectively locking us out from their exchange.

But the quirkiness of the venue makes up for the lack of emotional connection.

PEEP @ Assembly George Square, until 26 Aug (not 13), 1pm & 2pm, £6.

Diego y Ulises

  • 3 stars

A physical exploration of the relationship between two young Argentine men, a moving and uplifting piece all the way from South America.