It’s Me Dayne (3 stars)

This article is from 2013

It’s Me Dayne

Socially awkward Australian comedian takes audience on a journey into the ridiculous

Socially awkward Dayne takes us on a journey into the ridiculous, often venturing into quite unnerving territory. From his own brand of twisted poetry and sordid storytelling to his disastrous childhood memories, we are able to gain a slightly uncomfortable yet amusing insight into the inner workings of this peculiar individual. Fear not though, as he comes equipped with a catalogue of feel good sing-a-long songs to help lighten the mood.

The Australian comedian’s childlike demeanour and desperate need for reassurance means he is able to generate roars of laughter by simply flashing the audience one of his flustered looks. However, some parts of the show fall a little flat with the odd predictable punch line.

He pulls it back towards the end with some skilled audience interaction and a few shocking surprises thrown in along the way that reveal him to be far from the self-conscious ninny he portrays at the start. You think you know Dayne, think again (let’s just say, a denim micro mini-skirt can be rather tricky to pull off. No matter who you are).

Gilded Balloon Teviot, 622 6552, previews until 2 Aug (£5), 3-26 Aug (not 12,19), 7:45pm, £8

Dayne Rathbone at the Melbourne Comedy Festival

It's Me Dayne

  • 3 stars

Dayne Rathbone. Dayne Rathbone is the strangest and funniest new comic in Australia. It's Me Dayne is an unimaginably funny voyage into the life and mind of this unusual man. Winner, Raw Comedy 2011 (Australia's biggest comedy competition). Runner-up, So You Think You're Funny 2011 (Edinburgh). Nominee, Best Comedy at…