Sara Barker show Patterns set for Jupiter Artland as part of 2013 Edinburgh Art Festival

This article is from 2013

Sara Barker show Patterns set for Jupiter Artland as part of 2013 Edinburgh Art Festival

Sara Barker, Gallactic Voyages and Inner Journeys, 2013, copyright EAF commissions

Ambitious sculpture enclosed in a glass pavilion

Sara Barker combines theoretical complexity with her Glasgow School of Art training to produce delicate sculptural forms and linear structures. Central to her work is the concept of space: the way in which her work relates to its exhibition site, and the way the viewer experiences her sculptures within a particular space. The skeletal quality of Barker’s work reflects this underlying theme and acts almost like a frame or window, drawing attention to the openness of her sculptures and the space that fills and surrounds them.

Barker’s most recent work, Patterns, has been produced for Parley – an Edinburgh Art Festival programme that commissions publicly sited artistic projects most likely to generate dialogue and debate. Her contribution, and first outdoor exhibition, is an ambitious and thought-provoking structure of brass, aluminium and steel enclosed within a glass pavilion in the sculpture gardens of Jupiter Artland.

Constructed in situ, Barker's structure incorporates the natural effects of light, and the weather and temperature of the surrounding area. This is a deliberate and crucial feature of Barker’s work, and due to the mutable nature of environmental factors one viewer’s experience may be completely different from the next – the likelihood of this increases enormously when staging an outdoor event in Scotland, so there’s an extra element of surprise thrown in here

Jupiter Artland, 01506 889900, until 15 Sep, £8.50 (£4.50) or free entry with free shuttle bus from city centre (booking essential).

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