Peter Liversidge show doppelgänger at 2013 Edinburgh Art Festival

This article is from 2013

Peter Liversidge show doppelgänger at 2013 Edinburgh Art Festival

Peter Liversidge: Doppelgänger, after Max Klinger, Handlung, copyright Ingleby Gallery, EAF

Exhibition based on the etchings of 19th century Austrian artist Max Klinger

Fetishism, symbolism and ideal wish-fulfilment all come to the fore in Peter Liversidge’s Edinburgh Art Festival exhibition concerning the etchings of late-19th century Austrian artist, Max Klinger.

Klinger was adept at demonstrating how you could take a small idea and turn it into a physical reality that would, in essence, live on in the minds of future viewers long after the creator had expired. Here, Klinger’s ten prints – all hatched from his dreams – focus on a glove he found at an ice-skating rink. The glove within these dramatic plates would appear to represent Klinger’s suppressed romantic yearnings for a woman whose face we never see. Indeed, the motif also appears to execute the role of what his unseen beloved is expected to fulfil. Clearly, the glove has an independent life of its own, and it lives on today, albeit as a piece of marble – carved by Liversidge – on the deck of the Ingleby Gallery. Liversidge, too, however, also evokes Klinger’s inception-to-infinity outlook: every element of Liversidge’s exhibited work begins at the kitchen table before making its way to the typewriter, the subsequent page, then into the minds of readers who may realise his influence as a future thing (object) or event (happening).

Ingleby Gallery, Edinburgh, 556 4441, until Sat 21 Sep, free.

Peter Liversidge: doppelgänger

New work from the mischievous proposal-writer and conceptualist.