Turing Fringe brings programme of technology events to 2013 Edinburgh Festival

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Turing Fringe brings programme of technology events to 2013 Edinburgh Festival

Dip a toe into the digital side of arts and culture

If you're more a fan of dotcom startups than verbatim theatre, Edinburgh's Turing Festival has, for the last two years, provided a welcome digital alternative to the world's largest arts festival in August. But events at the two-day tech extravaganza can be a tad niche for your average algorithm amateur (think sessions on digital distribution models and online business marketing techniques), so this year the organisers are branching out with an expanded fringe programme aimed at a wider audience.

The half a dozen Turing Fringe events during August include a tech jobs recruitment fair, an appearance from game designer Jesse Schell, and an event about online gaming and entrepeneurship with Bet365, as well as more crossover gaming and arts events still being finalised.

These fringe events are all about ‘creating a Turing Festival community beyond just those two or three days [of the festival itself]’, according to Turing Festival Manager Francesca Ziolkowska.
‘The overarching theme for the Turing Festival, and our partnership with the International Festival this year, is arts and digital. Our focus on gaming industries ties into that because it's the cutting edge,’ says Ziolkowska. ‘[Gaming is] very well established and it continues to be a pioneer, and to serve as a great model for other industries like theatre, music and dance.’

The programme is designed simply for ‘anybody who's interested… yes it is techie-focused, and that's a really broad and all-encompassing community.

‘We attract speakers from all over the world and we have audiences from all over the world, and we're delighted that it contines to grow.'

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Turing Fest

Amidst the cornucopia of arts and culture events in Edinburgh during the month of August, the Turing Fest focuses on innovation, science and technology and can be relied upon for some appearances by big names from within the digital community.