East Lothian's Wish You Were There - a mini holiday in the centre of Edinburgh

This article is from 2013

East Lothian's Wish You Were There . . . offers a mini holiday in the centre of Edinburgh

Experience the region's highlights in the form of golf, surfing, local food and small-scale farming

If the only part of Scotland you’ve ever seen is Edinburgh during August, then you may have a skewed sense of what Caledonia has to offer. It’s not all full of sleep-deprived, face-paint-encrusted students doing song-and-dance routines, honest.

In an attempt to give festival-goers a taste of Scotland’s many other delights, the good folks from East Lothian Council are bringing Wish You Were There … to the midst of the Fringe, setting up a mini version of their county as a special tourism installation in St Andrew Square.

Passers-by can drop in to sample the sun, sea and sand of a part of Scotland just to the east of Edinburgh, rich in its own history and culture. Elements of East Lothian heritage available to try include golf, a petting farm, interactive workshops with the Brunton Theatre and Dunbar Science Festival, a range of fresh produce and even a spot of surf coaching on the New Town’s famous foaming waves (possibly brought in just for the occasion).

The aim of importing a bit of East Lothian into Edinburgh is, according to East Lothian Council Economics Development Manager Susan Smith, to ‘provide a microcosm of East Lothian: what you can do on a day out, where you can stay, the food and drink … and just to showcase another part of the country in the city centre.’

And locals can try something new, too. ‘It’s not just for Fringe-goers,’ says Smith. ‘It’s for residents of Edinburgh who might not realise what’s actually on their doorstep. And it’s an opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city to somewhere quieter and more peaceful.’

St Andrew Square, until 11 Aug, 10am–7pm, free.