How I Do Edinburgh - by The Blue Bunny from La Clique

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  • 30 July 2013

This article is from 2013

How I Do Edinburgh - by The Blue Bunny from La Clique

PHOTO: Sarah Olivier,

The giant gay rabbit in Spandex on partying, resting and comfort-eating

Can you sum up your show in five words?
Children’s birthday party for adults.

For anyone still on the fence, what’s a sure-fire selling point?
A giant gay rabbit in Spandex, twirling a baton is not enough? I think this year’s La Clique is going to be amazing, considering it’s the 10th anniversary for the show.

What part of the Fringe do you most look forward to?
The community, networking, and wine-infused rabble-rousing between performers. It can be rather lonely pursuing this crazy ‘foolish’ destiny to be an artist. It’s incredibly liberating to enter a zone where being in a show, then going to a show, then going to a party over and over again completely makes sense.

What part of the Fringe do you dread?
Oh gahd. The depression when it’s over. I’ve already filled my refrigerator with crémant and chocolate two months ahead. This reminds me to get a box of tissues …

At the first sign of an August meltdown, what do you reach for?
At my age, I’m pretty good at meltdowns: rage, anxiety, delusions, hair loss, skin sag, eyebags and spontaneous crying. There really is only one thing to do: stay in bed! Please! Do us all a favour – stay out of society!

What other festival shows do you want to see?
Adrienne Truscott’s Asking for It. You know, the funny show about rape? I know Adrienne as a choreographer and Wau Wau Sister, and I am excited for her daring solo turn to tackle ideas trés au courant. Then of course, it’s the boys of Briefs. Excuse me if I’m partial to my friend's crotch-oriented art, but I have some pretty great friends with really nice crotches!

What will you do on your days off?
I don’t really have any days off, I have time off. La Clique is running 25 shows in a row, so when I’m not there, I’ll sleep, look for nudist hangouts, accept invitations for adventures and, of course, practice twirling my baton!

The Blue Bunny appears in La Clique, The Famous Spiegeltent, George Street, 0844 693 3008, 2–25 Aug, 10pm, £20 (£17). For a chance to win tickets to the Spiegeltent's after-hours club, Famous Club Spiegel

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