Tim Vine and Ardal O'Hanlon announced for The Wrestling II

This article is from 2013

Tim Vine and Ardal O'Hanlon announced for The Wrestling II

The comedy-fighting extravaganza returns to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2013

The organisers behind The Wrestling II, the second instalment of the comedians-versus-wrestlers spectacular, have just kicked their hype machine into overdrive by announcing Ardal O'Hanlon and Tim Vine as rival team captains. 'Coach' O'Hanlon will be taking charge of the good guys, while Vine's alter-ego, Dr Pun Ishment, will be leading the baddies. You can see their respective intro videos below.

Returning to The Wrestling II from the 2010 instalment are pro wrestler Dan 'The Hammer' Head and comedian Tom 'Explosenthal' Rosenthal, who'll be fighting a grudge match following Rosenthal's shock win last time. Matthew Crosby, Nick Helm, Andrew Maxwell and Brendon Burns will also be returning in their roles as roving reporter, ring announcer and good and bad commentators respectively. While the rest of the line-up is still to be announced, it wouldn't be unreasonable to expect at least a few more familiar faces – 2010's event featured appearances from comedians Russell Kane, Patrick Monahan, Abandoman, Adam Riches, Rich Fulcher, Humphrey Ker, Frisky and Mannish, Colin Hoult and comedy duo Max and Ivan, whose Max Olesker (a former pro-wrestler) is the mastermind behind the whole affair. Wrestlers Pac and Johnny Moss were also on hand to give the event some proper grappling credentials.

Fun fact: Max Olesker, whose wrestling nom de guerre is Max Voltage, was previously joined in the ring by Dan 'The Hammer' Head under the team name 'Maximum Head'. Now you know.

The Wrestling II takes place at the Pleasance Grand, Edinburgh on Tue 13 Aug.

The Wrestling II - Announcement Trailer

THE WRESTLING II: Ardal O'Hanlon (Team Captain)

THE WRESTLING II: Dr. Pun Ishment (Tim Vine Team Captain)

THE WRESTLING II : 'Explosenthal' vs Dan 'The Hammer' Head

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