Elizabeth Blackadder: Works On Paper

This article is from 2013

Elizabeth Blackadder: Works On Paper

Return to familiar ground with new body of watercolours

It would seem rather apt that Elizabeth Blackadder should choose to present a new exhibition of works on paper in 2013. Thirty years ago, in 1983, she was bestowed with the Royal Academy’s Pimms Award for 'Work On Paper'; the influence of Chinese and Japanese art, particularly Far East-Asian fruits, resulting in a radically diverse explosion of colour throughout her upbeat still-life paintings. 

Three decades on, however, a new selection of watercolours has Blackadder return to the more familiar ground of flowers (tulips, orchids), leaves (of the autumnal variety) and, of course, her beloved cats. There are a couple of surprises, though. Thorny-stemmed roses appear in sooty pinks, and there’s even some marine life in there, too – Blackadder’s regular visits to her local fish market van clearly an influence. To say it’s a modest collection is understated: Blackadder has nothing to prove to anyone. The 81-year-old’s fresh body of watercolour works on paper would indicate her prolific prominence remains as strong, and as illuminating, as ever.

The Scottish Gallery, 558 1200, 2 Aug–4 Sep, free.

Elizabeth Blackadder: Works on Paper

New works by veteran artist.