Edinburgh Art Festival 2013 to host Ângela Ferreira's debut UK solo show

This article is from 2013

Ângela Ferreira: Political Cameras

Political Cameras questions the colonial relationship between Europe and Africa

Two video monitors sit opposite one another on silver stands. Between them, three beige-coloured steps are supported by what resembles a pair of large, steel-inverted shuttlecocks. Behind them, a domineering piece of tinted glass dwarfs a small landscape photograph: welcome to Ângela Ferreira’s debut solo exhibition in the UK.

Born in Maputo, educated in Cape Town and currently living in Lisbon, Ferreira’s 2011 endeavour Political Cameras, like most of her previous output, questions the nature of the colonial relationship between Africa and Europe (both culturally and politically) via the exploration of photo-film and rendered sculptural form.

Highly conceptual stuff. It is, however, very real and indicates that photography, film and sculpture are the essential components of Ferreira’s work.

The exhibition is presented alongside a recent commission that references the heritage of David Livingstone’s life and work – the importance of freedom of expression lying at the heart of both.

Stills Gallery, 622 6200, 2 Aug–27 Oct, free.

Artist Talk: Ângela Ferreira

Ângela Ferreira discusses her exhibition Political Cameras with curator Filipa Oliveria.

Ângela Ferreira: Political Cameras

Sculptural and photographic work by Mozambique artist, investigating the relationships between Africa and the Western world.