Hiva Oa, Tinderbox Orchestra and Numbers Are Futile join forces for Decagram

This article is from 2013


Hiva Oa

The collaborative concert is designed to highlight the talents of ten leading underground artists

Every ten days since April, a new artist has been unveiled as part of the line-up of Decagram, a collaborative concert designed to highlight the talents of ten leading underground artists from the Edinburgh music scene. One by one – with stealth and tantalising secrecy – bands including contemporary string quintet Lipsync For a Lullaby, alternative folk trio Small Feet Little Toes, electronic duo Numbers Are Futile, producer Asthmatic Astronaut and experimental four-piece Hiva Oa have been confirmed and a new artistic collective born.

On the night, the acts will be paired in a series of collaborations to play new and existing material. Each act will then be joined by members of youth arts group the Tinderbox Orchestra for a final track, culminating with a three-band collaboration accompanied by the full orchestra.

But, in essence, it’s all a bit of a mystery; an intriguing, genre-busting meshing of new sounds that will merge ‘contemporary, classical, post-rock, tribal, noise, dub and hip hop’.

Stephen Houlihan from Hiva Oa, the last band to come on board, will team up with Numbers Are Futile. Even he is not entirely sure what to expect.

‘We have had a few discussions in terms of arrangements and how both bands can effectively play one set,’ he says. ‘The songs we intend to play are still being arranged and it will be the first time these songs will be played live. I’ve been told that Atzi (from Lipsync For a Lullaby) has put together a new ten-minute composition to play with the Tinderbox Orchestra, which has clearly set the bar for the rest of us.’

The event is being run by Ten Tracks, the online label and music portal for new and innovative music, as a platform for some of their favourite underground artists in the city.

Decagram, Queen’s Hall, 668 2019, 4 Aug, 7pm, £10, see for more info; The Awkward Hello, Handshake, Kiss, the debut album by Hiva Oa, is out now.

Lipsync for a Lullaby - The Lonely Blues (live)

Tinderbox Orchestra - Spark


Ed Stack of Ten Tracks presents a fusion of post-rock, tribal, noise, dub and hip hop courtesy of Numbers are Futile, Hiva Oa, Tongues, ATMCIS and Lipsync for a Lullaby.