Status Anxiety & Piece of Mind takes hip hop theatre to 3013 Edinburgh Festival Fringe

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  • 30 July 2013

This article is from 2013

Status Anxiety & Piece of Mind

Hip hop moves from contemporary choreographers

You only need to look at the line-up for 2012’s Breakin’ Convention or walk past breakdancing buskers on Princes Street to see that Scottish hip hop dance is alive and thriving. Dance Base has brought together two of the movement’s choreographers for a double-bill of hip hop theatre that promises both sharp moves and social commentary.

‘Hip hop theatre works alongside the culture that already exists, but it’s a different medium from, say, competitive hip hop dance,’ says Emma Jayne Park, the choreographer behind Status Anxiety. ‘You have the freedom to layer things in the same way that contemporary choreographers do.’

Park’s piece aims to explore the way social media affects us, using hip hop’s movement vocabulary to recreate social-media stereotypes. Her work will be paired with choreographer Ashley Jack’s Piece of Mind, a voyage into sociopathy, that uses the film version of American Psycho as its starting point.

‘When you go to see hip hop, you expect to walk in and see someone doing something huge,’ says Park. ‘But this show is very much about attention to detail.’

Dance Base, 225 5525, 2–17 Aug (not 5, 12), times vary, £6–£8.

Status Anxiety and Piece of Mind

A bold double-bill of hip hop theatre from two uncompromising Scottish choreographers. With Status Anxiety, Emma Jayne Park challenges the way social media has changed the way we interact globally. Has the ability to connect with everyone made us forget how to truly connect with anyone? Piece of Mind, by Jackin' the Box…