New York comedian Laura Levites explores world of self-help in Selfhelpless

This article is from 2013

Laura Levites

Seeking therapy through comedy at 2013 Edinburgh Festival Fringe

New York-bred Laura Levites has tried almost everything to achieve a calm state of mind, even having the words ‘breathe’ and ‘fearless’ tattooed on her wrists. But most of her methods haven’t worked. Even the tattoos. ‘Every once in a while, I look down and I go, “Oh, I forgot they’re there: I should do that.” That’s how fucked-up I am; I write “breathe” on my wrist to remember and it still doesn’t work.’

Levites first dipped her toe in the Fringe three years ago but Selfhelpless – cataloguing Levites’ hapless attempts at helping herself – is her second Edinburgh show proper.

If she’s achieved nothing therapeutic in writing it, Levites at least made one surprising discovery. ‘I thought that the whole self-help thing was something those hokey Americans came up with. Turns out the first self-help book ever written was by a Scottish man! That blew me away.’

Gilded Balloon Teviot, 622 6552, 3−26 Aug (not 13), 2.45pm, £8−£9 (£7−£8). Previews 31 Jul−2 Aug, £5.

Laura Levites: Selfhelpless

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Life is shit. Drugs, shrinks, denial and the higher power of eBay haven't helped. It took Laura three hours to get a new diagnosis – judge her in 60 minutes. 'A straight-talking New Yorker with an upfront attitude.' – Scotsman 'Levites is both lovable and crazy. ****' –* If life were a cab it would first…