Adam Buxton brings Kernel Panic show to 2013 Edinburgh Festival Fringe

This article is from 2013

Adam Buxton

One upside to the internet’s shadier spots

Ah, the internet. With its birth came an unending source of dubious knowledge, a wealth of porn and the opportunity to anonymously spit vitriolic words on a variety of message boards.

Still, the knock-on effect of the latter has been a series of shows from Adam Buxton. In his Bug gigs at London’s BFI for the past six years, he’s parodied the comments that people love to leave in response to videos on YouTube: those kind of vicious digs people think it’s OK to fling at each other because they’re not sat in the same room.

His new show, Kernel Panic, is a mixture of Bug-type shenanigans and the kind of short films that he and Joe Cornish are renowned for. Who can forget the first time we saw Adam and Joe’s soft-toy parodies such as Toy Trainspotting or Saving Private Lion? A quick scan of YouTube reveals the enduring appeal of many of the pair’s dafter skits and much of Buxton’s more recent output.

He was last seen at the Fringe in 2005 for I, Pavel, a parody of a performance artist that required Buxton to grow a very large beard. Whether this year necessitates one remains to be seen.

Assembly Hall, 623 3030, 2–5 Aug, 10.30pm, £16 (£14).

Adam Buxton: Kernel Panic

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The Invisible Dot Ltd. Cult buffoon, award-winning radio host and tech-lemming Adam Buxton looks within the soul of his laptop and considers how we present ourselves in the net age (he shows stuff he's made and reads out web comments). Just four nights. 'Adam Buxton would make a convincing claim to the title of funniest…