Fringe comedy debut: Amy Hoggart

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  • 15 August 2013

This article is from 2013

Fringe comedy debut: Amy Hoggart

The comedian performs debut solo show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2013

What do think might work out as the best piece of advice you receive ahead of your Fringe debut?
‘You’ve got to cut the bit from the show where you cover your face in conditioner and get loads in your eyes.’

What do you expect will be the least useful piece of advice?
‘Try yogurt instead.’

Imagine this is September: looking back at August, what would constitute a successful Fringe?
It’d be cool to come back not having lost all my hair from stress and back combing it loads before each show. Full head of hair is an easy benchmark of success.

In krugerrands, how much do you expect to lose during the Fringe?
Enough to buy large quantities of biltong and possibly also a small South African farm.

Back in the old days, there used to be a thing called ‘the festival shag’. Is this ancient tradition likely to play any part in your thinking during August?

Only if I manage to get out of character from time to time, which is unlikely.

Back in the old days, comedians would drink alcohol solidly for a whole month and still manage to get out and do their show every day: how much are you likely to imbibe per day?
I don’t drink before I go on, as I don’t want to find myself funnier than I already do. Otherwise, not very much, but considering my size, that’s enough to mean I’ll probably end up really embarrassing myself.

What qualities do you expect from a Fringe venue?
Space to store my wooly jumpers and slippers.

Will you read your reviews before your run is over and if so, how do you think they will affect you as a comedian and as a human being?
No I won’t. Last time, I found one in which the reviewer hadn’t realised I was performing in character. I stopped looking them up after that.

Next year, will you consider returning as a double act?
Only if we do things exactly my way, whenever I want, however I want. And they’ve got enough money to fund it.

Do you undertake any superstitious rituals before going on stage?
I’ll avoid treading on triple drains which could bring bad luck and ultimately, early death. If I start hating performing though, I’ll probably aim for them.

If you were about to perform at the Fringe for your tenth year, where would you expect your career to be at that point?
I’ll probably be about to revert to one of my back up plans: yoga teacher or private detective.

Underbelly, Bristo Square, 0844 545 8252, 3–26 Aug (not 12), 4.20pm, £9–£10 (£8–£9). Previews 31 Jul–2 Aug, £6.

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