Comedy Fringe Debut: Don't Drop the Egg

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  • 29 July 2013

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Comedy Fringe Debut: Don't Drop the Egg

Sketch comedy trio appear for the first time at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

What do you think might work out as the best piece of advice you receive ahead of your Fringe debut?
We've all been told to make sure we pace ourselves and not to go out every night.

What do you except will be the least useful piece of advice?
To pace ourselves and not to go out every night.

Imagine this is September: looking back at August, what would constitute a successful Fringe?
Firstly that we're all alive. Secondly that we enjoyed it and thirdly that our mums enjoyed it; they are our biggest fans! Also a retweet from Mo Farah.

In krugerrands, how much do you expect to lose during the Fringe?
Around 59,000.

Back in the old days, there used to be a thing called 'the festival shag'. Is this ancient tradition likely to play any part in your thinking during August?
Only one of us is single (Orry Gibbens, 27, long brown hair, green eyes, loves hill walks). That said, we do all love tradition so the other two are definitely looking to cheat.

Back in the old days, comedians would drink alcohol solidly for a whole month and still manage to get out and do their show every day: how much are you likely to imbibe per day?
Funnily enough, the last time we all got drunk together we ended up in Edinburgh without knowing how we got there. Apparently boozing really hard helps your performance.

What qualities do you expect from a Fringe venue?
Reviewers that can be bribed for around 59,000 krugerrands.

Will you read your reviews before your run is over and if so, how do you think they will affect you as a comedian and as a human being?
Two of us take reviews very well, but one of us really, really doesn't and Edinburgh is quite a small place. So the ball is in your court.

Next year, will you consider returning as a double act?
Well we're a triple act, but yes, usually around October time we participate in a Hunger Games-esque tournament to see who gets to return. Ten years ago there were 13 of us.

Do you undertake any superstitious rituals before going on stage?
We have a song we sing when someone does something good; an idea a line etc. But, if we told you what it was we won't make any friends in Edinburgh.

If you were about to perform at the Fringe for your tenth year, where would you expect your career to be at that point?
Ten years! Bloody hell! We just want to do comedy for about five more years; get in, get out, then pursue our dream of becoming bankers.

Pleasance Courtyard, 556 6550, 3–26 Aug (not 12), 3.30pm, £7.50–£9.50 (£6.50–£9). Previews 31 Jul–2 Aug, £6.

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