Day planner for the Edinburgh Free Fringe 2013

This article is from 2013

Day planner for the Edinburgh Free Fringe 2013

Marcel Lucont's Cabaret Fantastique

An hour-by-hour guide to the most interesting free comedy, theatre and music shows on offer

You've got a couple of hours between shows and want something free to occupy your time. Consult our daily Free Fringe planner for an hour-by-hour guide to some of the more interesting Fringe shows that won't cost you a penny


10.45am Death Ship 666
Disaster movie parody in the spirit of Airplane!, The Naked Gun and Titanic.
The Three Sisters, Sun 4–Sun 25 Aug.


12.05pm Crunch the News
John Luke Roberts, Grainne Maguire and Sir Ian Bowler MP are the revolving hosts at this daily topical chat show.
Cabaret Voltaire, Sat 3–Sat 24 Aug.

12.10pm Domestic Science
Helen Arney and Rob Wells display their scientifically-minded comedy geekery with some homemade experimentations.
The Canon's Gait, Sat 3–Sun 25 Aug (not Wed).

12.45pm Bette Davis Ain't for Sissies
A play from New York about the spirited, boundary-breaking Hollywood star.
Fiddlers Elbow, Sat 3–Sat 24 Aug.


1.15pm Dan & Dan Live: The First Sign of Madness
The funny chap behind YouTube smash 'The Daily Mail Song' brings his doppelganger comedy to the Fringe.
Canon's Gait, Sun 4–Sun 25 Aug.

1.20pm Kindness
A soul-searching comedy show from the man who dedicated four years of his life to a Buddhist monk lifestyle.
Cabaret Voltaire, Sat 3–Sat 24 Aug (not Mon).

1.45pm A Complete and Comprehensive History of the Roman Empire in Less Than an Hour - With Jokes
There's a common criticism that debut Fringe comedy shows feel too stretched out with not enough material. We don't think that'll be a problem here.
Bannerman's, Sat 3–Sat 24 Aug (not Wed).


2.25pm 10 Films with my Dad
Stand-up show recounting fond memories of father-son bonding through film.
Voodoo Rooms, Sat 3–Sun 25 Aug.

2.30pm Ian Fox - Shutter Monkey
What would happen if, instead of typewriters, you gave loads of monkeys a camera each? We bet it has something to do with Instagram.
Espionage, Thu 1–Sun 25 Aug.

2.45pm Greener on the Other Side
Split personality stand-up from a man torn between three personas: melancholy storyteller, outrageous Hollywood stand-up and rookie one-liner merchant.
Jekyll & Hyde, Thu 1–Mon 26 Aug (not Thu 15).

2.45pm Here She Be
Jigsaw's Nat Luurtsema introduces a brand new hour of solo material following widespread praise from the nation's press.
The Counting House, Fri 2–Mon 26 Aug.


4pm New York All-Star Comedy Hour
Stand-up with an American accent, curated by the folks behind the Tribeca Comedy Lounge.
Whistle Binkies, Sat 3–Sun 25 Aug.

4.15pm John-Luke Roberts: Broken Stand-Up
One half of the (very funny) Behemoth sketch duo (with many other collaborative and solo credits as well) delivers his new show.
Voodoo Rooms, Sat 3–Sun 25 Aug (not Tue 13).

4.15pm Vampire Hospital Waiting Room
A B-movie musical (or B-musical, as the writers would have it) about that long-awaited combination: vampires and the NHS.
Mon 19 Aug–Sun 25 Aug.


5pm Drei, Zwei, Eins mit Flange Krammer
Teutonic character comedy based around Neil Dagley's Olympic skiing sensation.
Espionage, Fri 2–Sun 11 & Fri 16–Sun 25 Aug.

5pm Phill Jupitus Is Porky the Poet in 'Zeitgeist Limbo'
The Buzzcocks star cements his return to the stand-up circuit with the resurrection of one of his earlier comedy characters.
The Jam House, Sat 3–Sat 24 Aug.

5.15pm Who Ya Gonna Call
A tribute to everyone's favourite ghost-bustin' movie of the 1980s, with songs, cardboard sets and slime.
Wilkie House, Sat 3–Sat 24 (not Tue).

5.45pm Static
A coming-of-age drama set over a tumultuous decade from 9/11 to the Coalition.
Fiddlers Elbow, Sat 3–Sat 24 Aug.


6pm Old Jewish Jokes
A show that does exactly what it says on the tin, as Ivor Dembina recounts some of his favourite funny stories.
Bar 50, Thu 1–Sun 25 Aug (not Tue).

6.30pm Young & Strange - Magic, Illusion And a Hate For Each Other
If you've always felt magic shows were a little cheesy, the undercurrent of loathing in this show should do the trick.
The Jam House, Sat 3–Fri 23 Aug.


7.15pm Kalahari Diamond Golf Classic 1982
Thom Tuck (of sketch troupe The Penny Dreadfuls) debuts a work-in-progress show about morality and reptiles.
The Canon's Gait, Sat 3–Tue 6 & Mon 12–Tue 13 Aug.

7.30pm Sanderson Jones and Pippa Evans - Wonder & Joy
The comedy innovaters behind the personalised Comedy Sale and atheist-friendly Sunday Assembly present a new project.
The Hive, Thu 1–Sat 24 Aug (not Wed 14 or 21).


8pm Dr Professor Neal Portenza's Interactive Goat Hour: There are no goats and the show is only 54 minutes long, excluding the bonus minute
Scatter-brained surreality.
The Dram House, Sat 3–Sat 24 Aug.

8.45pm Locky
High energy Japanese comedian Hiroshi Shimizu returns with a new movie-inspired show, following last year's Terminatol.
The Counting House, Wed 7–Sun 25 Aug.

8.50pm Harmon Leon In Obey McGonagall
Scotland's notoriously bad poet is the subject of this show from American stand-up Leon.
Cabaret Voltaire, Sat 3–Sat 24) (not Mon 5, Wed 14, Mon 19).


9.30pm Jem Brookes: Puntitled
An adults-only show promising no theme, no plot, no revelations - just jokes.
The Counting House, Thu 1–Sun 25 Aug.

9.45pm Ginger Nation
Canadian comic Shawn Hitchins recounts his attempts to repopulate the world with redheads.
The Dram House, Sat 3–Sat 24 (not Mon).


10pm Joke Thieves
An interesting twist on stand-up performance: some comics perform their sets, before swapping material and trying to better the original.
Espionage, Thu 1–Sun 25 Aug (not Tue 13).

10pm Kunt and the Gang
The enfant terrible of the Fringe returns with more offensive song-singing.
The Three Sisters, Fri 2–Sun 25 Aug (not Sun 11).


11pm Marcel Lucont's Cabaret Fantastique
The droll Frenchman comperes a late-night selection of Fringe performers, no doubt destroying them as he goes along.
The Dram House, Sat 3–Sat 17 Aug.

11pm Mrs Manning
Years after Britain's favourite sexist, racist comedian passed away, his long-suffering wife gets a voice of her own.
The Three Sisters, Thu 1–Sun 25 Aug (not Tue 13).