Ban This Filth!
He’s taken on a female stage personae before but Alan Bissett cranks it up several notches by portraying anti-porn campaigner Andrea Dworkin

Natasha Yapp
This Edinburgh-based comic gets properly stuck into identity politics as well as graduate life and family stuff in the hopefully not prophetic Offal Comedienne

15 Minutes
Andy Warhol has a lot to answer for, eh? Surgical enhancement and celebrity obsession are the order of the day in this play by rising playwright Laura Neal

Good Mourning! VOstBil
A downcast Swiss actress called Florence Minder taps into her American side in order to poke around issues of grief

Shaggy Doggerel
Comedic duo Mellor and Steele deliver some tasty yarns. I’m afraid they do threaten to give us some paws for thought. It’s barking and so on … . .

Dan Willis
One of Willis’ two shows this year features much talk in a pub basement about zombies. The Walking Dead might just help you survive the impending apocalypse

Kearse and Marrese
There’s not especially much going on here about identity, it’s just two stand-ups doing a double bill and squishing their heads together on a poster

The Jocks and Geordies

Dan Willis & Obie The finest Northern and Scottish comedians come together for a fantastic hour of stand-up comedy. Presented by Newcastle's Dan Willis and uber-jock Obie. Top northern stars from stage and screen plus special surprise guest acts. 'Unpretentious, informal, belly-laughs-a-minute stand-up' ★★★…

15 Minutes

The Pelican's Briefs Theatre Company. Rundown scholar Marshall arrives in the birthplace of a beautiful international film star, to interview a friend on the nature of celebrity for an upcoming book. On his first night there he falls from a balcony on to his face… at the exact same time the beautiful film star dies in a…

Dan Willis: The Walking Dead

The beginners guide to surviving the Apocalypse, or at least the months between seasons three and four. Join Dan Willis, Rick, the Governor and company for an hour of zombie based laughs. After performing six one-hour shows a day at Edinburgh Fringe in 2012, Willis returns with a brand new show, setting his sights on…

Good Mourning! VOstBil

Florence Minder. A probl'm? What kind of probl'm? Standing alone on a bare stage with just a rifle in her hands, totally nervous and depressed Swiss actress Florence Minder introduces an American version of herself to talk about that moment in life when shit happens. This superficial and explosive mask enables her to…

Kearse and Marrese: Raw and Uncut

Award-winning breakthrough acts Leo Kearse: ‘very funny!’ (List) and Tony Marrese: ‘excellent!’ (Time Out) present a doubleheader of no holds barred stand-up. Covering topics such as rocket powered cats, sex tourism, how to be Cockney, economy bin bags, aggressive begging, born-again Christians, deep fried pizza and…

Shaggy Doggerel

Superman and Lois do battle with a uterine super-villain; Peter discovers there’s more to the wolf than the stories tell; a philandering footballer suffers grisly consequences after seducing a team of WAGs … Combining spoken word, comedy, music, storytelling and hip-hop, award-winning duo Mellor & Steele spin…

Ban This Filth!

Bissett plays 'himself' telling stories from his own life, and Andrea Dworkin, one of the most controversial women in history, who has a few things to say to him.