Provocateur author highlights at the 2013 Edinburgh International Book Festival

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  • 16 July 2013

This article is from 2013

PROVOCATEURS at Book festival

Laurie Penny, Shereen el Feki, John Gray among those who might ruffle some feathers during EIBF

Laurie Penny
Describing herself as ‘young, angry and progressive’, Penny has ruffled some feathers. But can 67,000 Twitter followers be wrong?
20 Aug.

Shereen el Feki
While researching Sex and the Citadel, el Feki travelled from Egypt to Saudi Arabia and Tunisia to Qatar, investigating attitudes to sex and sexuality.
16 Aug.

George Monbiot
Feral advocates the controversial practice of rewilding to improve Britain’s wildlife.
11 Aug.

Carol Ann Duffy
Popular in schools for her clear and accessible language, Duffy’s poems address issues of oppression, gender and violence.
10 & 11 Aug.

John Gray
Whether discussing capitalism, animal nature or religion, the radical philosopher is always fascinating.
23 Aug.

George Monbiot

Among George Monbiot’s diverse interests are paleoecology, pruning, heritage apples, chalk streams and Bill Hicks. Nobody could accuse the Guardian columnist of blindly following the pack. Currently, Monbiot is taken with rewilding and in his latest book, Feral, he attempts to re-engage with nature. Join him to find out…

Shereen El Feki

In Arab cultures, according to Shereen El Feki in Sex and the Citadel, a political revolution may be unfolding but a sexual revolution is a long way off. In this event, El Feki reveals the groundbreaking research and personal experience that have formed the foundations of her book, offering a stark insight into the sexual…

John Gray

‘The myth of progress casts a glimmer of meaning into the lives of those who accept it,’ claims John Gray in his beguiling new book, The Silence of Animals. Gray is former professor of politics at Oxford University and his new think-piece draws on an entertaining selection of writers, from George Orwell to J G Ballard, to…

Carol Ann Duffy

The Bees, Carol Ann Duffy’s first collection of poetry since she became poet laureate, continues to resonate – especially those poems which recall her beloved mother. Alongside these stingingly moving moments, Duffy’s poetry offers a playful commentary on life in Britain today. Today the Glasgow-born poet reads some of…

Laurie Penny

In July 2012, journalist Laurie Penny spent time in Greece interviewing anarchists, autonomists, striking workers and ordinary people caught up in the Euro crisis. Discordia is the result. Available only digitally, Penny’s part-polemic, part-travelogue offers a thoughtful and intelligent insight into a nation battling…

Marcel Theroux with John Gray

Strange Bodies is Marcel Theroux’s extraordinary, thought-provoking novel about Nicky Slopen, who appears to come back from the dead. In this event Theroux is joined by political philosopher John Gray to discuss immortality, transhumanism and human consciousness, subjects they have explored in fiction and non-fiction…