Dance highlights from Scottish Ballet at the 2013 Edinburgh International Festival

This article is from 2013

Dance highlights from Scottish Ballet at the 2013 Edinburgh International Festival

Five highlights from Scottish Ballet’s curated programme Dance Odysseys

The Rite of Spring
Scottish Ballet’s artistic director Christopher Hampson curated the Dance Odysseys programme, so it’s only right that his own work should get a moment in the spotlight. Set to Stravinsky’s epic score, this explores themes of domination but leaves just enough ambiguity to let you fill in the gaps.
18 Aug, 8pm, £10–£18.

New Voices
Five choreographers who are all making their mark on the international dance scene create world premieres especially for the Dance Odysseys programme. Performed by Scottish Ballet and Scottish Dance Theatre, the show features the work of James Cousins, Martin Lawrance, Kristen McNally, Henri Oguike and Helen Pickett.
16 Aug, noon; 18 & 19 Aug, 5pm, £12.

Im (Goldenen) Schnitt I
The captivating Cesc Gelabert recreates German dance theatre pioneer Gerhard Bohner’s solo, in which movement, visual art and music all share the space equally.
19 Aug, 8pm, £10–£18.

Pierrot Lunaire
Created by American choreographer Glen Tetley in 1962, and inspired by Schoenberg’s score, Pierrot Lunaire is widely regarded as one of the first bridges between classical ballet and contemporary dance.
17 Aug, 8pm, £10–£18.

Contemporary Classics
Classic works from a trio of true dance giants: namely, Christopher Bruce, Jirí Kylián and Twyla Tharp. Hailing from the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic and America respectively, they have each put their own permanent stamp on the classical/modern fusion and will undoubtedly lift the Dance Odysseys programme to exciting heights.
16 Aug, 5pm; 17, 19 Aug, noon, £12.

All shows at Festival Theatre, Nicolson Street, 0131 473 2000.

Contemporary Classics

Exciting contemporary classics from established choreographers each of whom challenged their own genre of dance. Featuring Christopher Bruce’s 'Shift', an energetic study of 1940s factory workers during the war; Jirí Kylián’s 14´20˝ – a sensual duet of feral beauty and human entanglement taken from the choreographer’s…

New Voices

World premieres: California’s Helen Pickett – a former dancer for William Forsythe and now Resident Choreographer at Atlanta Ballet – is renowned for energetic yet poetic creations. James Cousins’s contemplative and gripping style has won him the inaugural New Adventures Choreographer Award. Martin Lawrance shares the…

Pierrot Lunaire (1962)

This seminal work from American dancer and choreographer Glen Tetley was also the starting point of his now iconic choreographic style – combining modern dance with the elongated line and aerial bravura of ballet. It is a style he perfected through his professional career performing leading roles in the Martha Graham…

The Rite of Spring

Intense and visceral, Christopher Hampson’s vision of The Rite of Spring, created originally for Atlanta Ballet, is presented 100 years after the original production revolutionised the world of dance and music. Set to Stravinsky’s exhilaratingly influential score, Hampson uses three dancers – two men and a woman – to…

Im (Goldenen) Schnitt I (reconstruction 1996)

Moving through constellations of wood and Plexiglas pillars, reacting in sculptor Vera Röhm’s space Cesc Gelabert recreates Gerhard Bohner’s original concept highlighting elements of dance, visual arts and music while allowing them to remain autonomous. Bach’s 'Well-Tempered Clavier', interpreted by Keith Jarrett…