Five body dramas at the 2013 Edinburgh Festival Fringe

  • Edinburgh Festival Guide
  • 15 July 2013

This article is from 2013

Body Dramas

Mucus Factory, Melodic Dystrophy and How Hard Do You Hum When You Cum?

Mucus Factory
A one-off five-hour part reflection on illness, part physiotherapy session, and all-live art confrontation.
Pleasance Hunt and Darton Cafe, 12 Aug.

How Hard Do You Hum When You Cum?
Rousingly titled show that examines those bits of the self that always seem to be embarrassing.
Venue 45, 12–23 Aug.

If These Spasms Could Speak
Robert Softley confronts stereotypes about disablement in this inspiring, witty solo.
Pleasance Courtyard, 31 Jul–26 Aug.

Melodic Dystrophy
Puppetry becomes the perfect medium to discover what happens when the body and soul are breaking apart.
Venue 45, 13–24 Aug.

Theatre Uncut: Dalgety and Fragile
David Greig’s script considers how one campaigner might encourage a new shamelessness.
Paterson’s Land, 20–24 Aug.

How Hard Do You Hum When You Cum?

We’re airing out our dirty laundry, shattering social taboos and embracing our bodies through fun, vivid, and witty poetry. You’re invited to experience our most embarrassing features and awkward situations, poking fun and showing some love with few rhymes thrown in - all in the name of body positivity. We’re asking - How…

Melodic Dystrophy

Melodic Dystrophy is a puppet play that explores what happens to a person when their primary means of expression - the body - begins to fall apart, questioning the dissonances between body and soul when one is confronted with love and loss. Modernising Japanese Bunraku-style puppetry, the play tells the story of an actor…

Mucus Factory

Martin O’Brien/Hix Productions /Escalator East to Edinburgh Martin O’Brien suffers from Cystic Fibrosis, a disease that causes breathing difficulties and causes the body to produce excess mucus clogging up airways and lungs. Mucus Factory is a performance focusing on physical endurance around a durational physiotherapy…

Theatre Uncut: Dalgety & Fragile by David Greig

Fringe First, Herald Angel and Spirit of the Fringe award winners present a double bill of David Greig plays written for the international Theatre Uncut action event. Two rural coppers are faced with the Naked Rambler in Dalgety and Fragile looks at the effects of the cuts in mental health support. Directed by Co-Artistic…