Top 5 cabaret shows at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2013

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  • 10 July 2013

This article is from 2013

Top 5 cabaret shows at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2013


Featuring Russian company blackSKYwhite, singer Bremner Duthie and a tribute to Yvette Guilbert


Only a Russian company (blackSKYwhite) would offer such apocalyptic cabaret pleasures. Dark, unsettling and stunning.
Assembly Rooms, 31 Jul–25 Aug.

’33 (a Kabarett)

Opera-trained Bremner Duthie sings the decline of a Weimar nightclub.
Hill Street Theatre, 1–25 Aug.

Worst of Scottee

Having upset the cabaret scene, Scottee promises to distress theatre in his debut solo show.
Assembly George Square, 1–24 Aug.

Je ne sais quoi

The life of Yvette Guilbert, Freud’s friend and Parisian cabaret royalty in the 1890s.
Institut français d’Ecosse, 8–26 Aug.

Midnight at the Rue Morgue

Based on Poe’s horror shorts, a promenade vaudeville tale of debauchery and death.
SpaceCabaret, 2–24 Aug.

The Worst of Scottee

Performed in a photobooth, you are treated to four snapshots from the very worst moments of Scottee's life – from stealing money from his nan to pretending one of his friends committed suicide – Scottee's not afraid to let his bad side rear its ugly head.

'33 (a Kabarett)

Bremner Duthie, Big Empty Barn Productions. One final, desperate show! A dance on the edge of the abyss! The vanquished impresario of a ruined Berlin cabaret takes the stage, honouring his lost friends and singing the greatest cabaret songs ever written. '33 is about the power of music and the courage to keep going.

Je ne sais quoi

  • 3 stars

Nathalie Joly. 1890: Undisputed queen of the Parisian café concert, Yvette Guilbert mesmerizes Sigmund Freud, becomes his friend and starts a correspondence with him (Episode 1). 1900: She departs to New York where she invents and explores the rythme fondu repertoire, precursor of poetry slam (Episode 2).

Midnight at the Rue Morgue: The Madness of Edgar Allan Poe

BaLaylah Productions welcomes you to the Rueful Morgana, a dilapidated music hall and vaudeville theatre in the heart of 19th-century Baltimore, known to its seedy and insalubrious clientele as the Rue Morgue. Yet among the contortionists, ventriloquists, musicians, and good-time girls who haunt the tables at this…


  • 2 stars

blackSKYwhite Theatre / The Assembly Rooms. Omega. A hoochie-coochie carnival for the end of time. Out from the sideshow shadows creep an astounding array of mythical freaks, ageless hucksters, and mind-twisting curiosities. Raised from apocryphal texts, warped by black mirrors and prisms. Masters of the macabre…

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