Tom Stade Totally Rocks! (4 stars)

This article is from 2012

Tom Stade Totally Rocks!

Lavishly furnished routine from master of hardcore comedy

It’s certainly worth doing your research before travelling to a Tom Stade show, as he won’t be for everyone. Comedy audiences may well have seen watered down versions of the Canadian’s stand-up on TV, when censors request that he keep the hardcore sex jokes to a minimum. But for those who know and love him, he really is a natural performer, licensed with a flair for storytelling and a villainous sense of humour.

Stade has an incredible knack for making his audiences feel awkward but at the same time liberated. Saying that he talks about sex in this show is doing a disservice to the comedy; instead he razes all taboos, sensitivities and reservations about relationships and intimacy. He uses his own 17 year marriage as testament to the banalities of getting hitched but also the perks that come with it, involving the audience each step of the way. It’s a lavishly furnished routine about the pains and pleasures of life, one we can all just sit back and enjoy.

Pleasance Courtyard, run now ended.

Tom Stade Totally Rocks!

The charmingly vicious, laid-back Canadian presents his latest solo show.