Unmythable (3 stars)

This article is from 2012


Infectiously energetic trio enthralls kids and adults alike in hour-long sprint through classical myths

The action opens on the Argot where an overly zealous Jason, and his less competent shipmates, is on his way to fight the man-eating dragon that never sleeps and claim the golden fleece in order to prove himself to be a hero. Along the way, the three-strong cast take on a number of characters to illustrate heroes of yore, from Odysseus and the Cyclops to the emperor who had the ears of an ass and all the Greek myths you didn’t know you knew in between. Employing a blend of music, mime and good old-fashioned storytelling, the cast leap from tale to tale, their energy infectious and dripping with talent: in one scene that depicts the story of Zeus, his daughter Persephone and the battle to keep her away from her sketchy uncle Hades, the trio jump from character to character with breathless ease leaving the audience in fits. As to be expected with shows aimed ostensibly at kids, there’s a fair amount of adult humour, as well as men in drag, comedy raps and near-the-knuckle insinuations, but the clowning, spirit and physicality keep the young ones enthralled as well. The show is a little rough around the edges, but has a wholesome Horrible Histories vibe that children and adults alike will devour.

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A new take on the myths of ancient Greece.