Künt and the Gang - Free (3 stars)

This article is from 2012

Künt and the Gang - Free

Against the odds, a stream of filth can only stretch so far

Word of mouth has certainly worked for Künt and the Gang. Stewart Lee and various amused Facebook and YouTube proponents are among those who have been banging the drum and the tightly spaced seating here just about coped. The first thing of note is that there is no gang, and ‘Künt’ is a baco-foil wrapped geezer in a chunky blonde wig. The second thing to mention is that this is a very, very, dirty show; albeit one delivered with all the engagingly cheery nature of a children’s television presenter (there’s a thought).

Opener ‘Chips or Tits?’ was as sophisticated as the show got; by the end of the hour the imagery and associated language had degenerated to the level of an Inbetweeners episode, minus any intelligent geeks. For a man with an mp3 player and a mic, Künt does deliver a lot, much of it relying on shock value and cunningly rhymed swearing and genitalia references. Given the average age of the audience, many of the 1980s references passed by without a chuckle, but for some it probably enhanced the entertainment value.

The packed-out room got a little hot and sweaty well before the end of the set, which was rather apt, given the sexual nature in the lyrics (what was aired in the City Café should probably stay in the City Café). What was hilariously novel for the first 20 minutes became a little repetitive as the show approached its close, but a high proportion of the audience just couldn’t get enough Künt.

In the cold light of day the entire experience seems a little surreal, but it’s probably worth catching the man who penned ‘Hurry up and suck me off before I get famous’ before he gets famous. Or something else.

City Café, 220 0125, until 26 Aug, 10.30pm, free.

Kunt and the Gang - I Sucked Off A Bloke

Künt and the Gang

'Lowbrow comedy songs' by their own admission and popular Fringe stalwart, KatG are not for the easily offended.

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