Ta Daaa! (3 stars)

This article is from 2012

Ta Daaa!

Clowns with magic skills that are no joke

It takes a few minutes to really get the measure of Frehd Astarr and Tim Eee Presley, but once you do, you want them for your best friends.

Claiming to be aged eight and ten respectively, Frehd and Tim are dressed in full clown regalia, including big red nose and face paint. They’ve also got a repertoire of gentle songs about what it’s like to live on Jellybean Drive in Clown Town. This, coupled with their friendly audience interaction, sets them squarely in the under 7s market. Until, that is, the magic begins.

At first, they mess around (well, they’re only little), pretending not to know how to complete their tricks. But then it becomes very clear that not only is magic well within their grasp, these two Australian entertainers are actually very good at it.

Mums, dads and older siblings clock the skill involved in turning two bits of plain bread into a marmite and peanut butter sandwich (despite the bag never leaving the grip of a 3-year-old volunteer), but it’s a little lost on the younger ones.

Astarr and Presley go down a storm at the Adelaide Fringe, selling out every show for the past six years. But here in Britain, they seem to fall between two stools – too clever for tinies, too patronising for older children. Which is a shame, because this loveable duo has so much to offer, just in a different package.

So while they’re working their magic on stage, the trick for kids here is to just go with it and enjoy the ride.

Gilded Balloon Teviot, 622 6552, until 26 Aug, 11.30am, £8.

Ta Daaa!

  • 3 stars

All the way from Eleventy 5 Jellybean Drive, Clown Town, best friends, Frehd and Tim Eee invite you to a packed hour of magic making, mirth giving, bubble blowing, song singing fun. ‘Spark infectious laughter…’ ★★★★ (Adelaide Advertiser). Nominated Best Presentation for Children 2011, Adelaide Fringe. Ages 3+. Frehd…