Scientist Turned Comedian - Tim Lee (2 stars)

This article is from 2012

Scientist Turned Comedian - Tim Lee

A lazy lecture on pointless PowerPoint

Chatting about molecular bonds, rule matrices and scalar/vectors is certainly one way to avoid attracting a boorish comedy crowd. But if the sciencey boffins who have been flocking to attend Tim Lee’s debut Fringe hour assume that all stand-up shows are like this, then a great disservice will have been performed upon the form.

There was never any doubt that Lee would have a PowerPoint presentation as the core element of his show, but the main surprise is just how grey his approach is; he makes some less than withering attacks on Lindsay Lohan and Louis Walsh as if he’s stumbled upon his own comedy eureka moment. Of the many flaws with this show, the worst thing is that Lee clearly thinks he’s onto something. How else can you explain the grin he flashes at the audience after each lame punchline to a usually decent set-up?

You just have to hope and pray that the lectures he must have presided over down the years were a little more energising than this torpid affair. One of those moments when you hope that they somebody won’t give up their day job.

Assembly Roxy, 623 3030, until 27 Aug, 5.30pm, £11--£12 (£10--£11).

Scientist Turned Comedian

Scientist Turned Comedian: Tim Lee

  • 2 stars

A creative blend of stand-up comedy and science. Lee is a comedian with a PhD who's become an internet sensation with more than 4m YouTube views and a feature in the New York Times. 'Very cerebral comedy' (New York Times). 'Like what would happen if you crossed your high-school chem teacher with George Carlin' (The Boston…

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