Scottish Comedian of the Year 2011 - Jamie Dalgleish (2 stars)

This article is from 2012

Scottish Comedian of the Year 2011 - Jamie Dalgleish

Lacklustre Fringe debut hopefully hides real talents

The current Scottish Comedian of the Year has a wide-eyed enthusiasm for his work that has to be admired, but judging by this short appearance (it’s not really a ‘show’ as such), Jamie Dalgleish clearly has quite a way to go before emulating the professionalism and ingenuity of past winners such as Mark Nelson and Scott Agnew.

After a spirited warm-up slot by Susie McCabe, the Glasgow East Ender nervously arrives with some humdrum chatter about the seemingly inherent craziness of Scottish life which is topped off with a reconstruction of a non-incident from his schooldays as performed by two unwilling audience members. That the biggest laugh comes from the fact that one of the participants is incredibly posh and very English is both tragic and depressing.

It could be that he was put off by some very chatty latecomers with whom he exchanged rather awkward banter, but we’ll give Dalgleish the benefit of the doubt that he might be able to come up with weightier stand-up during the remainder of his tenure and in the years to come.

The Caves, 556 5375, until 26 Aug, 10.40pm, £7--£9.

Jamie Dalgleish - The Stand - May 2012 (a bit bright...)

Scottish Comedian of the Year 2011 - Jamie Dalgleish

  • 2 stars

From Glasgow's East End comes Scotland's newest and hottest comedy talent, 2011 Scottish comedy champion Jamie Dalgleish. In two short years he has gone from open spot to club headliner with a sell-out run at the Glasgow Comedy Festival. 'A deserving winner … the assured Dalgleish charmed the crowd … merciless [with] a…