The Harri-Parris - The Leaving Do (3 stars)

This article is from 2012

The Harri-Parris - The Leaving Do

Cake-filled musical hour about leaving it all behind

Anni Harri-Parri is about to leave behind forever the Welsh farm she grew up in and head to the big London smoke for a new life away from her doting family and friends. The audience are the guests for her surprise leaving do (cake is handed round) and this ‘sitcom with songs’ comes alive with each member revealing a bit of their story.

Some of her clan are less keen than others for her to seek fresh pastures and slowly it’s revealed exactly why people are taking up their individual positions. The alpha male Ifan provides a different perspective from the more urbane and camp Deiniol while East European farmhand Branek provides a little exotic respite from the dour celtic rural chatter, as they all muse upon the ‘weekenders’ who claim to love the village life and reminisce about Rumourz, their appalling local nightclub (for local nightclubbers).

It’s a pleasant enough hour and a couple of the songs and dance routines are memorable (the Beyonce-like number is a particular highlight), but for it to be dubbed as the new Father Ted is hyperbolic in the extreme.

Zoo Pleasance, 662 6892, until 26 Aug, 6.40pm, £9 (£7).

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The Harri-Parris - The Leaving Do

  • 3 stars

Mai oh Mai Productions. Anni's leaving the farm for London, determined to escape the confines of village life in West Wales – and you're invited to the party. Like any visitors, you'll be offered cake, shown agricultural show rosettes and then sung to. A lot. About Rumourz, West Wales' premier (and only) night spot, about…