The Noise Next Door: Bring the Noise (3 stars)

This article is from 2012

The Noise Next Door: Bring the Noise

Improv mayhem to delight the masses

For those who believe the whole ad-lib world is the lowest rung of the comedy ladder, it might be time to hang out with a Noise Next Door audience. They are virtually messianic in their acclaim of this quintet of very talented improv actors. There isn’t a huge amount of personality difference between the fivesome, though perhaps that will come through in time. Then again, their ethos is very much about the fate of the team and helping each other along rather than any individual grandstanding.

‘This is mental, ‘this will be mental’ and ‘mental!’ yell various members of this improv collective. While an enjoyable hour never quite hits the heights of true mania (though some audience members made a fine fist of it with a selection of barmy suggestions), you can’t help but admire their ad hoc skills. On this particular date, they weave a tale suggested by the throng about Superman landing upon a sleepy village and the pace rarely lets up with the quintet clearly having as much fun as their crowd.

Pleasance Courtyard, 556 6550, until 27 Aug, 5pm, £13--£14 (£11.50--£13).

The Noise Next Door Edinburgh 2012 Trailer

The Noise Next Door: Bring The Noise

  • 3 stars

Bound and Gagged Comedy by arrangement with Comic Voice Management. The UK's premier improv comedy troupe is back with their mind-blowing new show. Razor-sharp, lightning-fast and funnier than ever before, this year the guys in ties are cranking up the laughs in their most inventive show yet. Let's get loud… Sell-out show…

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