Roisin Conaty: Lifehunter (4 stars)

This article is from 2012

Roisin Conaty: Lifehunter

Life-affirming show from joy-seeker comedienne

Lifehunter, explains Conaty, is all about searching for the ultimate happiness, a pursuit in which she is extremely well versed. With a forthright manner, like she’s your bubbly blonde mate and we’re all down the pub, Conaty weaves elaborate tales about the different ways in which she’s sought out joy’s elusive touch, from a disappointing experience with a psychic hotline (‘she couldn’t tell me exactly when I was going to start being happy!’) to her stint at a meditative retreat (‘I am not good with silence’). Conaty, oddly, has shades of early Russell Brand, but with less misogyny, including a charming flamboyance and a turn of phrase that proves she’s a verbal gymnast as well as a pretty face. Her humour is sprinkled with self-deprecation – she talks about being ‘almost good looking’ – and shot through with awkward anecdotes, including a brilliant story about being on holiday and running across some wild animals. Her fear of getting butted off the side of the mountain is laughably relatable and unites the audience in ridiculous paranoias. Of course she can’t promise the secret to everlasting contentment, but an hour spent in her company is good enough.

Roisin Conaty: Lifehunter

Award-winning Roisin's new show is all about searching for things in life: from pesky personal belongings to love.