Carl Hutchinson: Acceptable? (3 stars)

This article is from 2012

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A pleasingly moody debut from 25 year old Geordie comic

Having spent a mere 25 years on this planet, it might be far too soon for rising Geordie comic Carl Hutchinson to be a grumpy old man. But he gives those fractious celebrity gents a run for their moaning money with his debut hour. Acceptable is an exploration of the things that, to his mind, are the very opposite, in a slightly more acerbic version of one of those 100 Worst type shows you get on Five or BBC Three.

Things that can, in his words, ‘fuck off’ include tapas and dubstep and he is seriously down on search engines which have put other info-providers out to seed. As with many of his stand-up generation, he does get a little too Stewart Lee in places. The most direct reference point occurs when he systematically takes apart the facile pop star annual disguised as a memoir; here, he replaces Asher D with One Direction. Meanwhile, his spoof of Britain’s Got Talent is a risk too far and falls a bit flat as a climactic routine, but overall, this is a pleasingly moody start.

The Caves, 556 5375, until 26 Aug, 6.20pm, £6--£7.50 (£5--£6.50).

Carl Hutchinson: Acceptable?

  • 3 stars

Carl Hutchinson. He may be young but no skinny jeans or fancy hair for this rising star of UK comedy. World Series winner, Magners Comedian of the Year, So You Think You're Funny? Finalist and Mercury Nominee. As seen on ITV's FHM Stand-Up Hero. Join Carl in his first solo show as he tries to make sense of the world he…