Gravity Boots (1 star)

This article is from 2012

Gravity Boots

Crashing down to earth with a massive bump

Making surreal humour work is probably the hardest trick to pull off in the comedy arena. Nail it and you will go a very long way; mess up and you just make a complete tit of yourself. Adelaide absurdists Gravity Boots do their best to be as weird as they can be, but boring and unfunny wind up being inevitable by-products.

In this series of sketches linked by a pair of musical cats who crank up a magic story box, there are tiny buds of good ideas, but they wither and die before our very eyes and, just as importantly, ears. In the Gravity Boots universe, you can perform as many routines as you like, so long as they are delivered in an ear-shredding, high-pitched squeal.

It doesn’t help that despite the troupe being made up of many members, two male actors (let’s hesitate to call them comedians) take the ‘glory’ in every sketch whether they are playing animals, people or buildings. Sometime surrealist comedy can be playful and anarchic, other times, and this is one, it just gets plain annoying.

Gilded Balloon Teviot, 622 6552, until 26 Aug, 4.20pm, £8--£9 (£7--£8).

Gravity Boots

  • 1 star

Edcom Presents Gravity Boots: Snakes Pretending to Be Seatbelts Directed by Paul Foot Ant theatre, frenzy whippings, and upside-down window monsters. Gravity Boots present a super sleen (not a real word) absurd hour, with everything from blind geese to mermen, and the ill-fated tale of the boy who lived in a pot of water.

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