Bob Downe . . . Smokin' (2 stars)

This article is from 2012

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Style over substance

From the minute he pirouettes onto stage all 70s gear, mega-watt grin and fake blonde hair, it’s clear Aussie’s ‘clown prince of polyester’ is having a ball, as he knocks out one karaoke hit after another and embarks on some name-that-tune competitions. The title of this show, Smokin’, is somewhat questionable for a gig that relies more on face-pulling, prancing and popular tunes than it does any sort of inspired comedy material; but Downe cares not.

Diehard fans enjoy the catchier numbers and certainly our host has a decent pair of pipes on him as he veers from one crowd-pleaser to another.

Jokes about the Olympics, the trams and his penis reduction seem shoehorned into the show, while Downe’s spread-eagled arms after every song or audience encounter garners applause after applause – even if the crowd isn’t quite sure what they’re cheering for.

That aside, Downe is a consummate, energetic performer of a show that while amusing packs no real comedy punch.

Gilded Balloon, 0131 622 6552, until 26 Aug (not 23), £14 (£12.50)

Bob Downe … Smokin'

  • 2 stars

More classic hits! More great prizes! Same hair! Lighter in the loafers and funnier than ever, Australia's Clown Prince of Polyester was top of the Edinburgh pops in 2011 and now he's back by popular demand! Direct from blitzing Melbourne International Comedy Festival and Adelaide Fringe, you'll laugh yourself silly as…

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