Barry Castagnola - Where's Barry? (3 stars)

This article is from 2012

Barry Castagnola - Where's Barry?

Unique and fresh show with precision timing

Looking at character comedy from an entirely different perspective is 'Where's Barry?' The premise for the storyline is that star of the show Barry Castagnola, having found himself in a tricky situation must rely on a host of acquaintances to take to the stage and entertain the audience. All the while his own progress is viewable via the shows onstage visuals.

'Where's Barry?' is expertly constructed, and such is the cleverness of the writing, there are numerous times when you realise that the plot has sucked you in and caught you out. From the off, the show relies on precision timing and each element flows seamlessly into the next.

Despite the perfect execution of the performance however, the unwavering structure gradually becomes somewhat monotonous and while the show exhibits a heavy reliance on stand-up-style comedy, moments of laugh-out-loud humour are few and far between. Despite this , there is a unique and fresh quality exhibited in the writing and performance that keeps you wondering where the show will take you next.

Gilded Balloon, 622 6555, Until 26 August, 7pm, £8.50--£9.50

Barry Castagnola in Where's Barry

  • 3 stars

Barry Castagnola / EdCom Productions. Barry Castagnola (Cyderdelic, 11 O'Clock Show, The Swingers) is late for his gig… 'Character comedy at its best' (Independent). 'Fantastically innovative and astonishingly funny' ★★★★★ (List). 'Innumerable comic moments … a hugely entertaining and intelligent piece of character…

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