Blind Date Ruined My Life (2 stars)

This article is from 2012

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Flavourless comedy reliving the cheesiness of 80s/90s TV

Most people remember Blind Date as a harmless, bland piece of programming which almost everyone seemed to watch. Our Cilla and her contestants offered the kind of light tea-time diversion which terrestrial television thrived on. It’s hard to imagine the show ever ruining somebody’s life, but it certainly damaged Nick Taylor’s hopes for romance, as he and comedy partner Phil Bird share the details (and actual clips) of his time on air.

Clumsily jumping between extracts from the show and gawky reconstructions, Taylor and Bird walk us through Nick’s time on and off camera including how his dreams of owning a financial services company were dashed. The acting is weak and sloppy, some jokes are just painfully unfunny and we’re left praying for more video snippets just to escape the gauche live scenes. The most entertaining moments are found in these flashbacks as we cringe at how shoddy late 80s/early 90s television was. Though the performers are charming enough, this is largely flavourless comedy and lacklustre storytelling, missing some much needed charisma.

Sweet Grassmarket, 243 3596, until 26 Aug (not 18, 25), 5.05pm, £5.50--£7.50.

Blind Date Ruined My Life

  • 2 stars

Taylor and Bird present how a popular 1980s TV show shattered the hopes and dreams of a future financial whizz kid, and ultimately led to the collapse of the banking system (probably). Ages 14+. Contains adult content and strong language. Taylor and Bird.